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Have tried three different drivers and disabling the print spooler. Still prints at fastest i page per 30 seconds. Have printed a page from the web interface for the printer, it prints in 5 seconds. Was told by support this means my problem is with the print driver.

Have tried three different drivers. Systems are Win 7 All on Server domain. Have spent three hours on the phone with support. Have been waiting for a return call or e-mail for four days now. What kimzi proposed would be a fix if it resolves the issue. A workaround would be to go into that same port and disable the SNMP option all together as it would fix it at a cost in that case where Kimzi's suggestion would break nothing and would also be better than the current setup in every possible way as LPR is far better in all regards than RAW.

But if the SNMP is disabled it stops bi-directional communication so it is a workaround where you are choosing to have speed over functionality Toner and paper levels will be unavailable in driver and the Job notifications will get disabled. If it works locally on the client and the server, check to see if it is cross architecture 64 bit server and 32 bit client.

Now that you have the proper layout and know what setups do not have the issues do a wireshark trace of the driver use from client to printer to see the issue as the network sees it, everything has a timestamp so you will see exactly where the lag is.

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Then go back to the driver and turn SNMP back on and add the 2 at the end. Is there a way to rename the port so that I could try RAW printing? I have searched all over the web with no success of how to do this in windows 7. I was unable to find anywhere in the driver for disabling snmp.

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I am assuming you meant in the printer properties somewhere, I looked everywhere but could find nothing. Your link describes disabling SNMP in the driver before it gets to the registry edit and you were in there in your 2nd post where you tried to enable LPR but didn't fill in the queue name. RAW will always be port on printers without multiple print queues. Disabling SNMP here is step 1, if it works, then the issue is the SNMP traffic and this might be possible to fix by changing the SNMP name as shown in my previous post from the default "public" in a case where the traffic might be duplicated or trapped on the network or in the OS as some sort of conflict.

So in that case change it on the device, then reenble it in the driver and change the Community Name to whatever you put on the copier.


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But this would then need to be done on each PC as the OS won't auto update it from the Windows default of "public". This is where the Wireshark trace would come into play, to find out where the issue is, but reading the trace is not a simple task, you would need to have a strong networking background to understand the trace. Xerox has engineers that can, and you could probably get them to read them through 2nd level contact. Uncheck the box that says "SNMP status enabled" and apply that, then reboot and print a job, if it then works faster you move on to the rest of the suggestions.

The LPR thing has no relation to the speed issue you are seeing. User profile for user: Dawlish Dawlish. On sending to print the first time I get the message: However if I cancel that job and send to print again the job goes straight through. I am printing via ethernet through a wired router using an IP address etc.

Mixed Environment (Mac/PC) to Windows Print Server issue - Printers & Scanners - Spiceworks

My Xerox colour Phaser prints without a problem through the same set up - different IP address of course. What is keeping the job from completing the spool first time around? More Less.

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Desktops Speciality level out of ten: When your computer finishes starting up from the disc, choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu. In Mac OS X Do not click Continue in the first screen of the Installer. If you do, you must restart from the disc again to access Disk Utility. Click the First Aid tab. Select your Mac OS X volume. Click Repair.

Printer - Spooling hanging up through LPR ports

Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk. Safe boot may stay on the gray radian for a long time, let it go, it's trying to repair the Hard Drive. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. However on reboot it still does the same. Then if I delete the job from the queue and print the job again it goes straight through! It's in all programs too.